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Springy Cocktails
4/10/2014 12:57:52 PM

There’s something about springtime. Cool breeze, sun on your shoulders, and the smell of new flowers and fresh cut grass combines to make you want to sit outside and enjoy a few tasty refreshments.

Here are a few spring-inspired cocktail ideas that’ll help make your attitude as sunny as the weather.


A tropical take on the traditional mimosa, this cocktail is light and fresh. Enjoy at breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner… really anytime.


- ½ glass of champagne

- 2 oz. Pomegranate juice

- 2 oz. lemonade

Stir and serve chilled.

The John Daley:

This tasty concoction was inspired by the classic warm weather drink, the Arnold Palmer. Like its namesake, it's as good as an Arnold Palmer… but it’s full of alcohol.


- 4 oz. sweet tea flavored vodka (Firefly is recommended)

- 6-8 oz. Lemonade

- Splash of grenadine

Shake and serve over ice.

Berry Mojito:

Most of the time when an old classic is "reinvented,” the reproduction is a sad shadow of the original. Lucky for you, the same principle doesn't hold for cocktails. This berry infused redux of the mojito is as sweet and fruity as it is light and clean.


- 2 0z. berry flavored rum (Bacardi Wolfberry or Strawberry)

- 6-8 mint leaves

- 1 oz. Sugar or simple syrup

- ½ oz. Fresh-squeezed lime juice

- 2 oz. Soda

- 1 oz. Berries (If wolfberry rum is used, use blueberries. If strawberry rum is used, use strawberries)

Muddle mint and berries in glass.

Add sugar (or syrup), lime juice and rum. Shake until well mixed and sugar is dissolved.
Stir in soda and serve over ice.

Garnish with lime wedge and a sugarcane stick.

Spring Shower:

If you're a fan of tangy martinis and getting caught in the rain, you'll love this cocktail. Gazing into the turquoise depths of this drink as you sip will have you dreaming of palm trees and sandy shores.


- 2 oz. Premium vodka

- ¼ oz. Lime juice

- ½ oz. Blue Curacao

- ½ oz. Sweet vermouth

Shake over ice and serve chilled.

Garnish with lime peel.

Easter Bunny:

In honor of the season, we celebrate perhaps the most odd of all the present giving fairytale creatures, the Easter Bunny. If Peter Cottontail had a drink of choice, this was it.


- 1 ½ oz. White chocolate liqueur

- 1 oz. Caramel vodka

- 1 tsp. Chocolate syrup

Shake and serve over ice.


This one is for the more... uh... outgoing of cocktail seekers. This potent mixture tastes like a melted alcoholic popsicle.

People often ask why it's called the "Buh-bye.” My response is always the same: If you drink too many, you'll find out.


- 1 part melon vodka

- 1 part green apple Pucker

- 1 part peach schnapps

- 1 part sweet and sour

Shake and serve chilled.

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