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Dine and Recline at Cinemarks New Movie Bistro
7/14/2016 12:31:45 PM


Cinemark creates a fresh spin on dinner and movie with its new Movie Bistro, a dine-in theater with recliner seating and an expanded menu of dinner options, which opened in June. The company premiered its first Movie Bistro in 2013 in Edinburg, Texas, and picked Lake Charles to continue its expansion into the dine-in movie experience.

A night at the Movie Bistro is intended to be a more up-scale experience than typical theaters, according to Cinemark Marketing Manager Jennifer Wood.

"This is like flying in first class,” Wood said. "You’re seeing your movie in first class.”

Along with typical theater staples like popcorn and candy, the Movie Bistro has a dinning menu with options ranging from burgers and sandwiches to salads and appetizers, meals which moviegoers can enjoy while watching their movie in the theater itself. The theater will also offer Starbucks coffee and Blue Bell ice cream.

Ordering takes place upon arrival, and patrons can then proceed to their theater while their dinner is being prepared. Dinners will then be served right at the patron’s seat in the theater. It is best to have dinners ordered 30 minutes before the previews for food to be delivered at seats. If the food is not expected to be served before the previews begin, patrons will receive a beeper that will let them know they can pick their dinners up at the counter in the front.

The Movie Bistro also serves draft beer, wine and frozen drinks from their bar seven days a week, and beginning at noon on Sundays. Drinks are served in plastic cups that can also be taken into the theater, and a wristband will allow servers to keep track of orders.

Inside the theater, each moviegoer sits in a Luxury Lounger recliner. Each recliner has controls to adjust the chair’s height as well as a swinging table. Seats are arranged in pairs, with an adjustable arm rest between the pair for couples seating.

The theater has a total of 605 seats, nearly half the number of the previous theater’s total seating, according to Wood. What the Movie Bistro lacks in extra seating is made up with larger reclining chairs and more arm and leg room, all without an increase in ticket price.

Tickets can be ordered at the two box offices in the front, as well as from three kiosks inside the lobby for moviegoers using credit cards. When tickets are purchased, patrons will also chose their seats in the theater, so that servers will know to which seat to deliver. Tickets may also be purchased and seating arrangements made online in advance, as well.

Like other theaters, the Cinemark Movie Bistro will host alternative content, such as live broadcasts of sporting events and concerts, and theaters may be rented for large parties, conferences, or satellite-hosted meetings.

"There are a lot of options to come here, sit back and enjoy with a beer and a burger,” Wood said.


Ticket Prices

General Admission: $8

Weekend: $8.25

Matinee: $6.25

Child: (age 1-11): $6.25

Senior: (62+): $6.25

Student (with valid ID): $6.50
Early Bird (First matinee before1 p.m.): $5.50

DiscountTuesday(no opening day, holidays): $5

Senior Day (62+ Mondays): $5.50

Real 3D Experience: normal ticket + $3

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