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Back Yard Gardening Trends
3/5/2018 2:00:39 PM
Back Yard Trends

Gardening has often been thought to be the hobby of the elderly or retired. However, six million people nationwide took up the pastime of gardening in recent months, with millennials accounting for 80 percent of the newbies, according to the National Gardening Survey. The survey also reports that "the number of households purchasing landscape design, installation, and maintenance services has doubled in the past six years.”

With these facts in mind, look for these garden trends in 2018.

Create an Oasis

Gardens offer a great way to unplug from technology and connect with nature. Interior designers expect people with digital-driven lives to embrace gardens, for example botanical gardens and rustic ranches, as non-digital havens from their fast-paced lives. Backyards provide a personally-stylized escape from the reality of work and social media.

Lush Living 

Leafy retreats come in a variety of colors and sizes specific to owners’ needs. Some feature plants and flowers with favorite scents or visual stimuli while many homeowners plan to grow fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs this year.

Nature Wall

Ornate walls and gates remain popular forms of enclosing your personal space, and an increasing number of homeowners choose vertical gardens to mark their boundaries. Climbing vines and topiaries are also common around the perimeter. Raised beds atop shorter walls frequently sport ferns, lush foliage, and perennials.

Layered Lines

Creative design features with multi-level areas are becoming a staple with designers. Symmetrical planting which slopes downward toward the house and backdoor offers enormous potential. A series of terraces or beds provides a pleasing view.

Urban Touches

Decking, river rocks, fountains, ponds, pavers, and mondo grass gives a chic, moody look to backyard retreats. Designers have noticed an increase in the color black being used in exterior design over the last few years.

Outdoor Rooms

A search for award-winning gardens will yield a variety of outdoor rooms including living spaces, kitchens, dining rooms, playrooms, and even sleeping areas. Multi-level walls, planters, and coverings offer homeowners the chance to increase the feel of size in their living spaces.

Covered Coziness

Pergolas, fabric shades, latticework, and foliage offer shade, privacy, and definition to your outdoor surroundings.

Water Features

Fountains and sunken ponds can add tranquility to outdoor retreats. Lotus and koi ponds offer the soothing appeal of added color and evoke a sense of calm.

Hand-Crafted Happiness

Many gardeners seek out artisans to help add a special touch to their outdoor spaces. Some designers bring in those personal touches by creating artwork that looks like it’s been there for generations, while others offer whimsical play houses or statuesque art.

Backyard Animal Habitats

Most gardeners are aware that bees and butterflies are in decline, but habitat loss is also impacting birds, frogs, even turtles. Some homeowners design areas capable of supporting local wildlife by including edibles and shelter for their animal neighbors. The use of natural composting and eliminating harmful insecticides in your yard also promotes animal habitats.

Find your green thumb and create your own beautiful outdoor sanctuary this spring!
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