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Give your Home a Spring Makeover
3/1/2013 9:30:50 AM

Spring cleaning can take on two separate, but equally important, goals. The first goal is to physically clean the house. Dusting shelves, vacuuming rugs, washing linens, and scrubbing countertops make your living space more pleasant, as well as healthier. Many allergens can settle into an unclean home, so your nose will thank you

The second goal of spring-cleaning is to organize your home. Simple organizational techniques can streamline every room in your house.

In the office, make your own file basket out of a rectangular basket. Attach little wooden dowels with craft wire and hang file folders for a prettier file system.

Organize manuals and warranties for items in your home in a large binder. Slide each manual or warranty into a page protector and use dividers to further organize by room.

Store cables, chargers, batteries, and other accessories for your electronics in a basket and use cheap plastic cups for each item and put smaller items in a craft organizer.

For laundry rooms and pantries, extra shelf space can go a long way, especially if you tend to stuff extra items in a closet. Use large crates and organize them according to their contents. Labels allow you to find things quickly.

Shoeboxes cut in half can serve as drawer dividers in your sock drawer and storing bulky winter clothes in large bins that are clearly labeled can free up some much needed closet space.

In the kitchen, clean your refrigerator. Wipe down the freezer and fridge, and throw things you will never eat away. Cleaning the coils can help boost energy efficiency.

Go through the cabinets and throw away expired products. Move dry products to clear containers, so you can easily see when you need to stock up. Simple labels on clear jars and containers also look very pretty.

Source: Imperfecthomemaking.com, Realsimple.com

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