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Great Gifts for Grads
5/3/2018 9:52:55 PM
Gifts for Grads

May is often marked by graduation announcements and invitations arriving in your mailbox. You’ll want to show the graduates in your life how important they are to you with something special. Money is always welcome for young adults at this stage of their lives. Or you can consider buying a thoughtful gift that will remind them of you for years to come. Whether graduating from high school or college, here are some great gift ideas your grad is sure to love.

High School Grads

Over the course of their teen years, high school seniors have usually amassed drawers full of t-shirts. While your grad may no longer be interested in wearing them, these t-shirts can be recycled into a keepsake t-shirt quilt that tells a part of their life story. Quilter Donna Jorden of Moss Bluff has made dozens of these quilts. Contact her for commission orders. Dsjorden@gmail.com.

A small, lightweight portable charging device will keep their phone charged at all times. No excuses.

A subscription to services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, or Tidal will keep your grad entertained.

If they don’t have one already, a laptop at this stage of life is useful and practically a necessity if they’ll continue their education.

Dorm life can be noisy. Whether it’s time to hit the books or listen to their favorite tunes, grads will appreciate a good set of noise-cancelling earphones. Speaking of tunes, a desktop-sized Bluetooth speaker would also be a welcome gift.

Communal showers in the dorms are not always the most sanitary places. A pair of anti-microbial anti-skid sandals should be just the ticket.

For girl grads, a nice piece of jewelry can become a life-long keepsake.

Monogrammed towels in the school’s signature colors are a perfect addition to any dorm décor. Mother and daughter team Kandy and Amanda Moreno at Queen of Threads Monogramming sell a variety of personalized gifts perfect for any graduate – toiletry and accessory bags, laundry bags, fleece headbands and scarves, jackets, robes, raincoats and other apparel, umbrellas, clear purses and totes for game days. 

A personalized fleece blanket, maybe with their new school’s insignia, will keep your grad warm. 

Anything useful in a dorm room – a bed lamp, lap desk, waste basket, posters, refrigerator, microwave, storage bins, shower caddy, pop-up laundry basket . . . if you’ve been there, you know.

College Grads

A good watch will remind your graduate that time flies by quickly – make the most of each day. It will also help him get to that new job on time.

In the real world, red solo cups and plastic Mardi Gras cup throws won’t cut it anymore. Buy your grad some grown-up glassware.

Because most office dress codes don’t include yoga pants and hoodies, most grads are going to need a wardrobe update to start that new job. Consider taking them on a shopping spree for some professional clothes.

Your college grad is likely entering the age of business trips and yearly vacations. A set of nice luggage is the perfect way to say bon voyage!

Whether passing them out or collecting them, your networking grad could use a pocket-sized business card holder to store business cards.

Buying coffee at the local cafe every morning can quickly add up to beaucoup bucks. Buy your grad a nifty coffee maker and encourage him or her to save money and make coffee at home.

Cell phone cameras are great. And handy. But if your graduate longs to more creatively capture memories, consider buying him or her a nice "real” camera. Price ranges run the spectrum.

For the past four years, your grad has had full access to the campus fitness center. New graduates understand the importance of staying active. A gym membership will keep them moving.

A sure sign of adulthood is the necessity to carry credit cards, retail loyalty cards, insurance cards, and of course, money ... Everywhere. You. Go. A nice wallet can help keep all that organized.

The dining hall is no longer an option. And nightly take-out becomes expensive. It’s time to learn to cook at home. And because there might not be much counter space in that small apartment kitchen, buy your grad the appliance that does everything – an Instant Pot!

Several Lake Area retailers offer great gift ideas for graduates, be it high school or college. Sara Smith at Papersmith on Ernest St. sells a variety of thoughtful gifts including Mimosa Handcrafted and Olive and Indigo jewelry; Smathers and Branson Needlepoint Key Fobs, Caps, and Belts; CatStudio State or College pillows and hand towels; Personalized Stationery, Journals, pens and other paper items; Kate Spade gift items; bamboo sleepwear sets; and personalized Jon Hart luggage and travel items.

So there you have it! Plenty of gift suggestions to make your graduation season shopping easier.

Papersmith is located at 3101 Ernest St., and Queen of Threads Monogramming is at 4031 Nelson Rd, Lake Charles.
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