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Small Pests Can Cause Big Problems
8/28/2018 12:12:35 PM
Small Pests

Your home is a major investment, yet its strength and value can be compromised by the tiniest of intruders. 

"Pests such as ants, termites, and mice can potentially invade the smallest nook and cranny of a home, wreaking havoc just beneath the surface and out of sight of unsuspecting homeowners,” says Robert Soileau, J&J Exterminating Lake Charles Branch Manager.

For health and safety, it’s important for homeowners to be alert for these common pests.

Formosa Termites. 
Soileau says Formosa termites are the most pervasive pest and can cause significant damage. They eat wood, insulation, and other household items. Formosa termites are an invasive species and can survive with less moisture than the native subterranean termites, making them even more of a threat.

Carpenter Ants. 
These big, black ants are often seen in kitchens and bathrooms. They tunnel into wood that is moist as they make their way around your home, leaving a trail of destruction.

Carpenter Bees. 
These large bees are easy to see as they tunnel through exposed, unfinished wood, leaving gaps in siding and exterior wood.

Rodents are dirty and can cause significant damage. They gnaw on virtually anything, including electrical wiring, attic insulation, human food, pet food, and paper. They can also carry diseases such as hantavirus, the plague, and others. They can enter your home through surprisingly small openings or cracks.

Any home can be vulnerable to pests, but homes that have poor maintenance are more susceptible due rotting boards, windows, and doors without weather stripping. Yards should also be maintained with regular mowing to decrease harborage and feeding of pests. Soileau also recommends homeowners keep their home water tight, painted, and caulked as a first line of defense.

Consistent pest control will provide protection to your home and help safeguard you and your family from devastating problems from pests harming your home or your health. If you’re experiencing problems with pests, or to avoid future problems, talk with a pest control professional for expert service. It will provide protection for your home and your health.

For more information, call J&J Exterminating at 337-474-7377. 
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