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Election Preview
3/9/2017 10:03:56 AM

Mayor Randy Roach, after 16 successful years at the helm of the City of Lake Charles, is about to pass the leadership baton. This election, specifically the mayoral election, is pivotal in order for our region to continue the positive growth and direction exemplified by Mayor Roach. Key to electing the most qualified candidate is voter turnout. And we want you, as the voters, to be well-informed so you can make a knowledgeable decision. Our Election Preview summarizes each candidate’s’ platform and qualifications. Every candidate in the running was asked to submit their information to us for inclusion.

Joe Banks

Thank you for the opportunity to connect with voters through your diverse publication. My campaign slogan is "uniting our city for change”. The first step is to empower people. I want voters to have a stronger voice in theircity. Our current Mayor laid the foundation and it’s my intention to carry it further. People should be educated on opportunities for businesses to thrive and take ownership in the city’s progression. As Mayor, I am the "Mediator" that the city and parish needs to help push current Master Plans for drainage into action. While we continue work on short term plans like closing ditches and use of more natural vegetation. I want to unite our communities with their local law enforcement, reminding both sides to treat each other as neighbors. I believe in collaboration at all levels. Especially on projects that will revitalize our lakefront, provide steady controlled increase to tourism, get a handle on affordable housing for renters and homeowners, promote healthy lifestyles citywide, and allow us to care for our veterans and other disadvantaged groups with higher quality care. I’m here to work with citizens like I've done as a pastor/business owner for over 15 years. Thank you.

Eligha Guillory

As the next mayor of Lake Charles, Eligha Guillory, Jr., aims to revitalize how local government engages and supports the community as a whole. As the most recent Assistant City Administrator, he is the only mayoral candidate who has worked in city government. He has served in not-for-profit organizations and is knowledgeable about building relationships to create a greater community. Eligha’s plan focuses on our shoreline, transportation, economy, arts and culture, and municipal infrastructure.

Eligha plans to engage the local workforce and small businesses, and he is dedicated to working with socially and economically disadvantaged, women-led and veteran-owned businesses that can greatly contribute to the region’s growing economy.

Eligha will focus efforts on enhancing the Interstate 10 corridor from the Calcasieu River Bridge to Highway 14 by leading infrastructure projects to revitalize vacant properties in the corridor and developing the lakefront with a multi-use, multi-generational complex that boosts community engagement and economic activity.

His administration will address the city’s infrastructure by using innovative strategies to address challenges with the city’s drainage, wastewater, roadways and housing. Additionally, he will expand the public transportation system to ensure that it better serves the lives of all residents across Lake Charles.

To learn more, visit

Nic Hunter

Nic Hunter began working at his grandparents’ restaurant, Harlequin Steaks & Seafood, when he was 12 years old and he has been serving the people of Lake Charles ever since. A lifelong resident and small business owner of the Lake Charles area, Nic is deeply invested in helping the local community flourish. After graduating from McNeese State University, Nic started applying his work ethic towards local philanthropies and community entrepreneurialism, specifically those focused on children in need, active military support, and veterans. In 2011, Nic was elected to the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury to serve the people of District Five and is currently serving his second term. As mayor, Nic believes the city’s budget must prioritize fiscal responsibility so that Lake Charles can invest in itself and its future. Instead of continuing to raise existing tax rates, Nic will focus on increasing the tax base by attracting more businesses and sales to Lake Charles. By prioritizing the budget, the city will be able to tackle major infrastructure issues like city drainage and flood protection, roads, lakefront development and crime prevention, and public safety. Nic Hunter is ready to lead Lake Charles into tomorrow.

Dana Carl Jackson

Water, Sewage, Drainage, and Roads. We must rehabilitate aging infrastructure, and begin the expansion process. In June, I sponsored an ordinance which authorizes the creation of twenty year masterplans for drainage and roadway infrastructure and to update the water distribution and waste water masterplans. We have asked to begin this process NOT with new taxes, but by using the taxes currently being collected by the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury from within the city limits, none of which are being dedicated solely to the City of Lake Charles.

I am a life-long resident of the City of Lake Charles, graduated from LaGrange High School, and attended McNeese State University. A state-licensed contractor by trade, I also sold real estate and insurance, and am currently a small business owner. I am a member of Trinity Baptist Church.

Public Service experience: Lake Charles Board of Zoning and Adjustments, Calcasieu Parish Policy Jury, La. Police Jury Assoc., Lake Charles City Council where I served twice as both Vice President and President of the Council. Currently in my third term.

I have the experience and leadership to get the job done and the vision to move Lake Charles forward as a full-time mayor. See for more info.

Chris Landry

If we are to be successful in our efforts to maintain our growth, we must match tasks with competent qualified people… and most importantly we must match projects with available monies. We simply can’t pay as we go.

First and foremost, the City of Lake Charles and the Police Jury must work together to convert shared needs into practical solutions. We must consider innovative and long lasting approaches to eliminate duplication of services and multiple expenditures of monies for the same end result.

I’m the only candidate with a formal platform of issues, facts and figures, not wishes, promises or excuses . . . here are some of the areas covered:

• Drainage

• Transportation/Infrastructure

• Lakefront/Downtown Development

• Annexation

• Quality of Life

• Redevelopment of North Lake Charles

• Financial

• Police & Fire

• Creation of Community Gardens

I invite everyone to visit my website to view my complete platform.

I believe my 17 years of service on the Calcasieu Police Jury has given me a realistic insight of how many services between the City and Parish can be coordinated and how duplication of expenditures can be eliminated. We’re at a crossroads . . . to continue our progress will necessitate new solutions to old problems.

Marshall Simien

I am a Lake Charles native, married for the past 25 years, and father to three wonderful children. I earned a degree in government from McNeese and a law degree from LSU. I have been a practicing attorney for 25 years. My experience in public service includes appointment by Louisiana’s governor to the Lake Charles Port Board when the previous board was dissolved for mismanagement. During my tenure, we not only built L’Auberge Casino, but also a robust gaming industry. Additionally, we brought LNG industry to our area, a centerpiece for our current economic boom. I served eight years on the Lake Charles City Council in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, as well as the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury. My vision is to crank up the social, economic, and cultural engine that is the City of Lake Charles by developing our underutilized Lakefront and I-10 corridor. This will bring long overdue economic development to a forgotten economic engine and, more important, triple the City’s current operating revenue. This will pay for much needed infrastructure improvements to transportation, sewer, drainage, as well as finance programs to engage our youth and enhance our quality of life. We can then truly be, Lake Charles STRONG!

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