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Financial Solvency – There’s an App for That
2/6/2017 5:07:51 PM

Getting your finances in order is now only a tap away thanks to several new apps for smartphones.

Qapital is a free mobile finance app that helps you save money every time you make a purchase. The app works on the gamification concept – rewarding participants for completing their tasks. Think of it as a points program for spending money. Available for iPhone and Android phones, Qapital can make a significant impact on your daily spending habits.

First, Qapital directs you to establish savings goals. Every time you make a purchase, the app increases the amount by rounding up to the nearest dollar. Then, the app automatically withdraws the difference from a user’s checking account and deposits the money into a Qapital savings account. You can also set budgetary rules to your account. If you balance under budget during a period of time, Qapital will deposit more money into your account.

For those who simply want to see where their money is going, there’s Spendee, another free app for iPhone. With Spendee, you simply key in the amount of a transaction into your "wallet” and tap the "Next” button. Spendee then brings up more detail for you to add to your transaction, such as the date on which it occurred and various categories under which to the amount can be listed. Both expenses and income can be keyed into the app.

Spendee also has an advanced option that allows users to set reoccurring transactions. Users can also choose when these transactions occur, including every two days, every work day, every two weeks, every two or three months, and more.

Spendee Premium users can create multiple wallets, which can be shared with family and friends for $1.99 per month or $14.99 a year.

Need to get your debts paid off? Pay Off Debt might be the answer. Available for $4.99 from the Apple App Store and Google Play, Pay Off Debt allows you to create your own debt repayment schedules. You can also decide how much extra money you want to put toward your debts each month to bring down their balances. You can also choose the order in which you pay off your debts.

Pay Off Debt also helps you find the fastest way to get out of debt. The app features an amortization table for each debt entered, which shows you how your debt will be paid off over time.

Pay Off Debt does not carry any hidden charges or locked features. The app also works with iCloud and provides subscribers with useful debt reduction resources, including tips sent via email.

For those who have to split bills with housemates, there’s Unbill, a free app for iPhone and Andriod. With Unbill, bills are tracked, split, and paid securely, so there’s no more nagging and haggling among housemates. Instead, each person pays their own portion of a bill. The app does not require a checkbook.

So if your financial situation needs some house keeping, check out one of these apps or other financial apps available for download. You’ll be on your way to financial solvency in no time.

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