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2016 Hottest Trends for Spring and Summer
5/12/2016 3:15:18 PM


Fashion is like the weather; if you don’t like it, wait a minute. That sentiment has been plenty evident in the sea change of both men’s and women’s fashion for spring/summer 2016. Past seasons have seen us buttoned into high-waist jeans and contoured to the nines with caked on makeup. 2016 is about loosening up in floral prints and even sweatpants as daywear. And men, the time has come to set those man buns free! Here are the top trends for warmer weather.


Floral Prints

After a few years of mostly muted tones for both men and women, florals are back in a big way. Loud and proud floral prints have popped up on runways everywhere from Alexander McQueen to Gucci. For women, the biggest floral trend is pairing bright flower prints with soft Victorian details, like high necklines and lacy trim. But men are getting in on the flower power as well, sporting floral prints in more sedate colors on button downs, jackets, and even suits.


And if all those floral prints have you feeling too soft, you can always lean towards the sportier "athleisure” trend, which combines workout gear with lounge wear that is surprisingly wearable. For example, varsity jackets with bomber-style cuts and snap button closures are stylish for both men and women; underneath, women might pair the look with a jersey-style tank from Beyonce’s brand new Ivy Park line, men with a low-key v-neck or even a hoodie. Drawstring jogging pants have suddenly gone from gym staple to streetwear chic. Ladies, bonus points if you can pair them with high heels a la Rihanna. If not, a sleek pair of white running shoes or Converse are cool for both men and women.

Slip Dresses

Fashion is cyclical, and nothing illustrates that more than the reemergence of the slip dress, formerly a 90s post-punk wardrobe staple and currently the summer’s hottest trend. Slips as daywear have popped up on runways from Burberry to Celine, and 90s celebrities have come out of the woodwork to celebrate being relevant in the fashion world again. If you want to try the trend on a budget, check out Courtney Love’s collaboration with online retailer Nasty Gal.


Matte Red Lips

Snow White seemed to be a muse for many designers on the 2016 runways. However, those ultra-slick lipsticks from a few years back are a bit passé this year. The new reds aren’t shiny. Look for matte styles or rub a bit of translucent powder over your favorite shade of red to give a shine-free finish.

No-Makeup Makeup

For the last few years, makeup has focused on a polished, 1950s-style face, with a winged eye and boatloads of contouring, but many in the know are lightening up lately. Natural, sun-kissed faces are big for spring and summer 2016. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we can all dump our makeup bags in the trash. The natural look focuses on fresh-scrubbed, well-moisturized skin, full brows, and sheer foundation to give an "I’m not wearing makeup” vibe while totally wearing makeup.

Double-Duty Products

For those looking to simplify their beauty routines, many brands are offering duel purpose products that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks for all-over, subtle color. Milk Makeup is a new brand offering many different stains, oils, and glosses that can be used anywhere on the face for a subtle, polished look. However, you might have to wait to try it. The brand’s launch was so big that online retailers sold out in hours.


Blonde and Blonder

This summer, fashionistas are taking blonde to the extreme. Even celebrities who have always been known for their honey-toned hair are seeing how light they can get it. From Taylor Swift’s platinum blonde turn on Vogue’s May cover to Jennifer Lawrence’s recent white-blonde look, the hottest hairstyles this summer are decidedly icy.

The "Lob”

Ultra long mermaid locks were the look of 2014, while thick banged bobs caught fire in 2015. 2016 seems to be a happy medium with the rise of the "lob,” or long bob. A lob is generally a shoulder-length, blunt cut. This year, loose waves without bangs seem to be the style of choice for lob lovers.

Shorter Styles for Men

We may finally be seeing the decline of the man bun. On most 2016 runways, male models had hacked off their long locks to embrace a new spin on the "high and tight” instead. These styles are neatly shaved around the sides, while the top remains a few inches longer and either brushed to the side with pomade or shaped into a subtle pompadour.

So if the winter months have left you feeling a little too confined, you can rest easy. Spring and summer 2016 are all about less restrictive clothing, fresh faces, and low- maintenance hairstyles. Sign us up.

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