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5 Fashion Rules to Break!
7/14/2016 1:28:52 PM


Fashion should really be simple: wear what makes you feel good. However, it seems like set-in-stone fashion rules are everywhere: from beauty magazines to fashion blogs to well meaning but old school friends and family members. For instance, many of us grew up watching the calendar come spring, terrified to pull out our white dresses until Easter Sunday.

But things seem to be changing in the fashion world, and many of the "rules” most people grew up with are quickly becoming obsolete. Here are a few outdated fashion mandates.

Never Mix Navy and Black

Blues and blacks are actually a fast way to look super professional around the office, according to Lauren Monroe, owner of Mimosa Boutique. "I love black with navy,” Monroe says. "It looks so classic and sophisticated. A black pencil skirt with a pretty navy blouse makes a woman look put together.”

One Pattern Per Outfit, Please

Looking too "busy” used to be a cardinal sin back in the days of sensible pantsuits. But lately, fashion has loosened up, and mixing patterns is not only acceptable; it’s downright trendy! In Prada’s 2016 runway show, the brand mixed bold striped jackets with smaller striped skirts, and the show even paired florals with herringbone. The key is to mix patterns that feel right to you; confidence will make them match.

Put Whites Away After Labor Day

Got some summer whites you love? No need to hide them away for fall. "White jeans with a chunky sweater and an ankle boot is a great look for fall and winter,” Monroe says. And a white lace summer dress can look tough but chic with a pair of black tights and cropped moto jacket in the cooler months.

Bra Straps are Embarrassing

Bras don’t have to be scandalous. The popularity of sheer tops and linens this summer will probably leave many women grappling with the question, "What do I wear under this?” Luckily most department stores and lingerie shops now sell bralettes, which combine the coverage of a cropped tank top with the support of a bra. Bralettes are usually just as pretty as the top itself, with lace details, intricate straps, and fun colors. With so many options, you can go sheer and still stay modest.

Keep Socks Neutral

Fashion rules don’t only affect women. Most men have grown up hearing that socks should be the same color as pants, but lately, men have gotten a bit more latitude to express themselves. "The rule used to be that your dress socks had to match your dress pants, but that is not the case anymore,” Monroe says. "Men have started to have a little fun accessorizing with printed socks!”

The fashion industry seems to be designed to make us question ourselves, constantly asking, "Is this out of style?” But the truth is, fashion is supposed to be fun. Don’t box yourself in worrying about rules. If you feel good, you probably look great!

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