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Avoid These 6 Common Skin Care Mistakes
9/1/2016 5:49:13 PM

People notice skin. Pockmarked or smooth, porcelain or freckled, skin condition is part of one’s first impression. The curious thing about skin is that coddling it too much doesn’t net good results. A simple routine is best; with the emphasis on routine.

"A hit-or-miss skin care regime doesn’t work,” said Jennifer McCann, MD, medical director of Vivid McCann Wellness and Aesthetics. "Consistency is the key.” She said that’s a common mistake people make and it affects their skin’s clarity and condition. "Just as exercising for one day won’t solve a weight problem, scrubbing skin won’t make it perfect the next day. In fact, you’ll probably do more harm than good with a vigorous scrub.”

Dr. McCann said there are six common skin care mistakes to avoid:

  1. Too many products. Thinking more is better isn’t skin-friendly. Gentle cleansers, when used consistently, will produce good results. Cleansers that foam a lot usually contain harsh ingredients that can strip the skin, causing dryness. Choose mild cleaners and steer clear of soap on your face.

  1. Neglecting H2O. Water is essential for healthy skin. While eight glasses a day is optimal, try to drink as much water as you can. It’s the best hydration routine to help keep the skin plump and clear.

  1. Forgetting sunscreen. Dr. McCann said the sun causes most of the damage to skin. "Most premature aging is due to overexposure to the sun. Wear sunscreen every day. Make it part of your beauty routine: moisturize than put on sunscreen,” she said. "There are formulas available today that dry to a matte finish, with no fragrance. With all we know about sun damage, there’s no excuse for leaving skin unprotected.”

  1. Inconsistent routine. Cleanse in the morning and again at night. Women who go to bed with makeup still on their skin are inviting problems, according to Dr. McCann. "Oil, grime, dirt and makeup needs to be washed away every night. These cause clogged pores and breakouts.”

  1. Touching too much. Keep your hands away from your face as much as possible. Picking, rubbing, and resting your head in your hands transfers dirt and germs that may be on your hands directly to your face.

  1. Not enough sleep. Skin cells repair themselves during sleep. Staying up too late too often shows up on the skin in the form of dark circles, increased lines and wrinkles, and an overall look of fatigue. Give yourself a powerful beauty treatment by getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Then, if you can’t sleep or stay up late working occasionally, the tale-tell signs won’t be so obvious.

"Taking good care of your skin doesn’t need to cost a lot or involve a lot of time and hassle. In fact, if you’re finding you’re spending too much money or time, you’re probably doing something wrong,” said Dr. McCann. A simple, consistent routine will help you make a great first impression.

For more information about skin treatments and products, visit or call (337) 478-8565.

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