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Bananas Over Braids
3/7/2016 10:32:40 AM

This spring, one hairstyle has everyone from Vogue to hipster tastemaker in agreement: braids are back on trend for spring 2016. After years of being relegated to elementary school picture day style, braids are popping up on runways at Louis Vuitton and Valentino as well has crowning the heads of celebrities like Taylor Swift.

So why braids and why now? According to Kacie Guilbeaux, stylist at Signatures Salon in Lake Charles, braids are a quick way to save yourself a shampoo. "Braids are always so much fun because you can turn a basic day three (after washing) style into something so cool and chic in five minutes," Guilbeaux says.

Here are a few braided styles fresh off the runway.

Crazy Braids

The French braid isn’t going to cut it this spring. Instead, beauty bloggers are opting for Dutch braids, or "inside out” French braids, so instead of crossing stands over the top, you slip them underneath. What’s more, crazy plaits are showing up in double or even triple rows, then being coiled into top knots for a style that looks more complicated than it really is.

Single Braids

However, if wild piles of braids aren’t really your style, Vouge has declared the single braid to be the go-to look for spring. To get the chic look, slick hair into a tight ponytail, plait the ends and secure with a hair tie. Smooth flyaways with pomade. Bonus: if it’s damp, your hair will fall in beachy waves when you take it down.

Man Braids

Men aren’t left out of the braid trend this time around. You’ve heard of "man buns”? Well welcome man braids. Men are French braiding sections of their hair in three or more rows before tying their topknots, and the results are every bit as cool as the now-ubiquitous buns.

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