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Do Not Flake Out: Moisturize for Fall and Winter
9/30/2016 4:41:03 PM

Cooler weather comes with all kinds of perks: fun nights out bundled up to cheer local football, roaring bonfires, and a free-for-all on hot beverages, but all that outdoor fun comes at a cost: scaly winter skin leaves many of us wanting to hide our faces from more than just the wind. If redness and itching are already starting to bother you this fall, here are a few steps toward winterizing your routine.

Switch Your Moisturizer

Sadly, there’s no year-round, magical moisturizer that’s light enough for the summer and powerful enough for the winter. Most experts recommend switching moisturizer as the temperature changes. In cooler months, moisturizer should be creamy, as opposed to the lighter, water-based solutions that work best in summer. But it’s important not to skip sunblock! If your winter moisturizer doesn’t already pack an SPF, look for a lightweight solution to add in the daytime.


When skin gets dry and scratchy, it’s natural to want to sand it down and start with a fresh layer. But though winter skin may feel dry and chaffed, it’s actually more vulnerable when stripped by the cold. Paradoxically, skin needs to shed dead cells to fully absorb moisturizers. The key to winter exfoliation is restraint. Find an exfoliator labeled "gentle” and use it no more than twice a week for optimal moisturizer absorption with minimal skin irritation.

Reduce Redness

Cold and flu season coupled with chapped skin leaves many of us red around the nose and cheeks as the seasons change. If you’re already using a gentle cleanser and winter-worthy facial moisturizer but are still looking a little raw, consider adding anti-redness products to other parts of your beauty routine. For example, Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer has a greenish tint. It goes on after moisturizer but before foundation to further smooth and calm skin, reducing the redness that can creep in during cold snaps.

Banish Face Dandruff

Winter dryness is a huge problem for both men and women, and one embarrassing side effect that no one ever seems to mention is facial dandruff in eyebrows, beards, and even ears. If you find yourself flaking out in the winter, try a calming, unscented cleanser and a moisturizer containing zinc, a common cure for all types of dandruff. Resist the urge to pick those straggling bits of skin, though; it’ll only create more irritation.

Take It Easy!

Unfortunately, moisture isn’t a quantity game, and slathering on multiple layers of thick cream will probably just clog pores. Skin can only absorb so much product, so after a while, you’re also just wasting money. Changing to a creamier product formulated for the colder months is a much better solution than piling on an out-of-season product.

Now head outdoors and enjoy those cooler temperatures!

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