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Fall Style Preview
9/9/2015 1:21:26 PM

Fall Style Preview

As kids head back to school and shorts go back into storage, it’s pretty common to open the closet and wonder, "What on Earth did I wear last fall?” That mismatched collection of pilled sweaters and baggy leggings is probably not going to cut it this year, so if you’re thinking of updating your wardrobe for cooler weather, why not invest in a few pieces that feel fresh and fun (and therefore will probably stay on trend for a few years to come). Here are a few can’t miss pieces that felt completely fresh on Fall 2015 runways.

Relaxed Fits

If you’re all about comfort, your time has come. Fashion powerhouses Tory Burch and Michael Kors were all about loose sweaters and calf-length skirts in flowy knit fabrics for this year, and while the look may not be the best for showing off a gym-perfect beach body, they’ll do well to camouflage all evidence of a second slice of Thanksgiving pie.

Wider Legs

Those high-waisted skinny jeans may finally be a thing of the past. Most fall runways featured straight-legged or even wider-legged pants. Unfortunately for those still holding out hope for an early-aughts fashion revival, boot-cut pants were still nowhere to be found, so put those pocket-bedazzled Miss Sixties back where they came from.


Believe it or not, socks are having a moment right now. Tory Burch even had her models wearing calf-high grey socks scrunched a bit with high heels. Even if you’re not that bold, there are many cute tall sock options to be found at chains like Target, so why not try a pair with some chunky boots and one of those mid-length skirts. If you’re feeling like an extra from a Nirvana video, then you’ve probably got the look right.

Victorian Details

If you think the 90s are old school, many designers, like Valentino are taking it really old school. High collars, ruffles, lace, and wide, romantic sleeves were all over the runways this year. The key to the best looks was balance. Too many frills can look either too old or too young, but adding just a touch of bygone glamor can be really beautiful. For example, pairing one of this season’s high-necked, sheer tops with wide-legged, menswear inspired trousers combines refinement with comfort in a way looks great no matter where you’re going.

Of course, the best way to try a new trend is to make it your own. If you see some of these styles in stores, snap them up and find fun ways to mix and match them into your existing wardrobe. Runways are fun, but they’re ultimately fantasy, and a strong sense of personal style means wearing what makes you feel good. Leave fretting over looking right to Instagram celebrities and mannequin stylists.

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