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Five Ways to Lighten Up (And Look Younger) With Makeup
9/1/2016 5:45:18 PM

When we’re young, looking older can sometimes be key to feeling sexier and more mature. When we’re actually more mature, looking older starts to become less intriguing. Unfortunately, most of us learn to do our makeup during that "more is more” phase in our teens and twenties, sometimes getting set in looks that become too harsh as skin looses elasticity. But there are some simple tricks to getting back the brightness of youth –without all the hassle of acne this time. Who says age doesn’t have its benefits?

Skip Eye Shimmer

Just about every makeover show on late-night cable issues the same advice about pearlescent eye shadow – apply it just below the brow bone and in the inner corners of the eye. But too much sparkle can actually settle into delicate eye wrinkles that wouldn’t be noticeable otherwise. Forget sparkly powder and invest in a cream highlighter stick for a little eyebrow and corner contrast. Instead of applying an all over sparkle in the eye crease, stick with a darker, matte shade and dab a bit of gold shadow in the center of the lid to add some shine without fear of shadow fallout into fine lines.

Don’t Forget to Highlight

You may have heard of strobing, or applying copious amounts of light powder under eyes and at the tops of cheekbones in a move to look bright eyed and younger. When done at home, it usually looks a little more Morticia Adams than most women are comfortable with. Instead, invest in a subtle pink or pearl highlighter stick. After foundation and blush, use the highlighter stick to trace the top of the natural cheekbone, blending around the eye and into the hairline, for a dewy look that isn’t overdone.

Don’t Let Concealer Settle

For some reason, department store makeup artists love to recommend concealer that resembles community theater pancake makeup to every woman over twenty-five, but heavy concealer has a habit of settling into under eye lines, leaving most women swiping at it all day. It’s time for a better way. New lines of feather light, color-correcting concealer are popping up all the time from brands like Urban Decay. Instead of investing in a "one color fits all” solution, try a subtle pink for under eye circles, green to offset red spots, and purple to override sun damage. Just blend and top with your normal concealer, then revel in a less spackled look!

Prime Time

Speaking of having liquid makeup pool into fine lines, another way to make sure makeup isn’t settling is to apply a layer of face primer, along with an eye primer, atop moisturizer in the morning. It may seem like one more tedious step in an already busy routine, but a good primer goes a long way toward avoiding the 3pm drip as the day wears on.

Add a Little Luminescence

Right now we’re living in the golden age of highlighters, and while too much can leave women looking a little too slick, a dab of a luminizing cream, like Buxom’s Divine Goddess Luminizer, mixed right in with regular foundation gives skin a sun-kissed glow without bronzer streaks or scary tanning beds. Nothing looks younger than golden (but not sun-damaged) skin.

The truth is, we can’t stop ourselves from getting older, and honestly, who wants to be a teenager again? If shimmery eyes and matte cheeks are your thing, you do you. But if you’re looking for a few ways to lighten up, you could do worse than highlighting what you’re already working with.

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