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Four Red Rules You Need to Break
2/4/2016 2:19:25 PM

Is there any color that causes more commotion than red? As striking as a woman in a red dress can be, the color also comes with a lot of caveats and little warnings for how to wear red the "right” way. But in the spirit of February, why not throw some of those red rules out the window and wear it your way?

Redheads CAN Wear Red

Most gingers grew up with dire warnings to avoid wearing the color red for fear of "clashing” or looking washed out. However, celebrities from Jessica Chastain to Christina Hendricks prove that tired old line is hogwash. The trick is to choose a warm red and avoid overly orange hues. Also, keep accessories to a minimum to let your red(s) shine!

Red and Pink Totally Match

This may get many traditionalists up in arms, but color blocking red and pink can look incredibly fashion forward. The most important trick for doing this don’t is to keep it simple. Choose clear, bright shades and avoid patterns. A solid pink top with a red A-line skirt or hot pink shoes with a bright red dress can make you look bold and confident.

Wear Red Lipstick in the Daytime

Who says a crimson lip has to wait until the sun goes down? A red lip in the a.m. adds some vintage glamour to an otherwise regular workday. If you’re worried about smudging, pick a matte, long-wear shade. Line and fill lips with a neutral pencil, apply the lipstick, blot, reapply, and then blot again. You can also top your lipstick with a dab of translucent powder for even more staying power.

Drink That Red Wine

If you want a glass of merlot but are worried about wine stains on your teeth and lips, brush your teeth before you go out and sip water alongside your wine. Brushing will remove any plaque red wine might cling to and water will wash residue away. You could also invest in some red wine wipes, which instantly remove any stains.

And don’t forget the most important red rule: wear what makes you feel good!

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