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Four Weird and Beautiful Things People Are Doing With Glitter Right Now
1/14/2016 4:23:38 PM

Glitter has gotten a bad rap in the past year or so. For example, a website called Ship Your Enemies Glitter launched last year to much fanfare and offered to mail unsuspecting victims a huge mess for a small fee. All this glitter hate seems unfair because, hey, it’s supposed to be fun.

However, glitter is making a comeback from revenge kitsch to weird and wonderful fashion accessory. Here are a few of the ways that men and women alike are using glitter to make a sartorial statement.

Glitter Beard

By now, most people know about "Movember,” an organization that organizes a "no-shave November” to raise money and awareness for men’s health awareness and research. But this Movember, many men took it a step further by accenting their unshorn beards with glitter.

"Glitter beard” took the Internet by storm, but it’s actually pretty easy to achieve. Simply use a bit of beard oil and glitter away – and maybe put a sheet down first for the mess.

Glitter Brows

It’s exactly what it sounds like: eyebrows, but glittery. Big, bold brows are having a moment right now, and fashionistas looking to stand out from the bushy browed pack have taken it one step further by using glitter on top of eye pencils for a pixie-ish, fantasy inspired look that is truly cool for the club or even a glitzy party.

To get the look, make up brows as usual and then coat them in a thin layer of eyelash glue (the kind you use to attach falsies) then use fingertips or a small brush to lightly press a layer of glitter.

Glitter Lips

Okay, this isn’t going to last you from 9 to 5 (or even from 9 to 10), but glitter lips can make for some beautiful Instagrams. Start with a bold lip color like, fire engine red or Barbie pink, then find a matching shade of makeup-quality glitter. Makeup-quality glitter is really important here because it’s finer and sticker than what you’ll find on the craft aisle. There are plenty of Etsy shops that specialize in face glitter, and several big brands like MAC sell versions as well. Line and fill your lips with lip color and then use a cotton swab to ever so carefully fill in with glitter. But you better bring supplies for touchups because this look does not last longer than a sip.

Glitter Pits

No lie, many women who have foregone underarm shaving are using glitter to make a statement on social media with the hashtag #GlitterPits, and, well, pictures of sparkly pit hair. If you don’t get itchy easily, and you don’t feel much like shaving, give it a try! Just snag some beard oil (maybe from a glitter beard guy), or even hair oil, apply to your pits and sprinkle on your sparkles of choice.

With Mardi Gras around the corner, you may even want to try all four. Just don’t forget to ‘Gram it.

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