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Game On! The Latest Fashions and Accessories for Football Season
8/10/2016 1:27:22 PM

It’s Saturday afternoon -- the first game of the season. You crack open your closet and check out your options: a clingy polo, an old jersey, and a T-shirt that looks more brown than gold at this point. You find yourself wishing for just one good outfit to fit the occasion. Lucky for you, it isn’t too late. Game day clothing is fresh on the racks at area boutiques!

Once again, the trend this year is dressing to the nines for the women of the bunch, but no one said that meant resigning to itchy fabric and tight pants. A nice sheer kimono, some linen bottoms or a loose dress are all "in,” according to Emily DeWitt, manager at Accessory Zone.

"Every year it gradually gets a little bit dressier for game day,” DeWitt said. "Girls come in looking for dresses and heels and wedges, that kind of thing. Suede sandal booties are also really in.”

Another item to look for this season is the choker. One of Accessory Zones’ hottest buys this season, the custom-made Buku choker comes in both McNeese and LSU colors. They also carry a number of customizable spirit items, such as cups, totes, and scarves.

Also trending this season are prints. Solid colors were all the rage last year, but bold prints are predicted to upstage them in 2016, according to Lauren Monroe, owner of Mimosa Boutique. She said although women are putting more emphasis on looking stylish for game day, the most important thing to them seems to be comfort."We have a lot of tanks, easy dresses, and rompers so that you’re not going to sweat too much the first super-hot game. A lot of stuff you can pair casually with denim shorts or just a black sandal. That’s what people usually look for.”

Monroe urged buyers to get to the store before the game day rush so they get the largest selection of items. Purple tie-dye tanks, V-neck rompers and bold dropdown necklaces are just a few of the game day items available at Mimosa Boutique this fall.

If you’re a fan of multiple teams, you may want to purchase gold items instead of racking up on blues and purples. No one will know that you’ve spent Friday night at the Sulphur game, Saturday watching the Cowboys and Sunday cheering on the Saints, all wearing the same gold kimono.

Now for the men . . . the pressure to look the part is not lost on these spectators, whatever they may say. But, like the women, they’ve found a way to look suave without revealing a pair of sweat stains every touchdown.

"Fabric and feel is what’s selling,” Steve Khoury, founder of Khoury’s Clothing in Sulphur, said of men’s game day fashion this year. He added that men’s fashion experts have recently discovered how to make clothes that are light, soft and breathable, and they conveniently make them in colors like blue, purple, black and gold.

Khoury’s sells a variety of game day clothing from popular brands like Southern Marsh and Southern Tide. Their Columbia-style fishing shirts are also a popular choice for those outdoorsmen and women of the bunch.

Game day isn’t just a time to watch talented athletes compete. It’s also a time to socialize, connect with friends, and, yes, show off a new outfit that perfectly expresses your style without sacrificing comfort.

So don’t delay. Support your team and stop by your favorite clothing boutique today. When that first sporting event rolls around and you crack open your closet, what will you find?

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