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Hot Eyewear Styles for Summer
6/15/2016 3:33:45 PM


There’s never been a better time to wear glasses. Fashion designers and style icons now see eyewear as a must-have accessory that helps define a unique, personalized style.

"Today’s eyewear is far from just functional,” says Chassy Miller, manager of Optics Unlimited at The Eye Clinic. "Many patients – both women and men – look forward to choosing new frames and often get more than one pair. Choosing a flattering eyewear or sunglass style is one of the best ways to play up your eyes and put the finishing touch on your summer look.”

She adds that with all the frame styles available, there’s no reason to sacrifice style for function. "You can have both. There have never been more choices that reflect the current fashion trends. A qualified eyewear provider can make sure you get the lenses you need to best correct your vision, and a frame style you love – for prescription or uv protection - to showcase your style.”

Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular frame styles this summer from the Vision Council:

Energetic Allure
Standing out from the crowd has never been easier this season with an array of wildly cool glasses and shades crafted for the most active go-getters. Spirited athleticism reigns supreme, allowing sportier styles with wearable appeal to shine through. Guys and gals alike enjoy a palette of daring colors - picture lava reds and oranges, lagoon blues, oceanic teals, apple greens and milkshake pinks - in glossy, frosted and metallic finishes, topped off with flashy lenses for extra pizzazz. Easygoing aviators, wayfarers and 1980s visors are key players for men, while bubbly rounds, squared-off shapes and powerful shields charm the female crowd. Rounding out the choices are pops of faux wood, ombré effects and Amazonian graphics reminiscent of otherworldly charisma.

Reimagined Classics
Always in season, these classic frames are so chic and dependable that they'll have anyone coming back for more. Even-keeled, washed colors like dusty blue, sandy beige, soft lilac, misty gray and milky white adorn these well-loved favorites. Dashing rounds, teardrop aviators and dapper rectangles with minimal detailing are the ideal choice for men. For women, shimmery accents, hints of precious metals and tiny rhinestones grace stunning cat-eyes, gorgeous semi-rimless and smooth-edged profiles, making them prime pieces this season.

Return to Romance
Historical pieces permeate the digital age, giving way to categorically vintage frames with refined flair. Ladies time travel to an era when exquisite gemstones, lace appliques, retro prints and neutral cosmetic tones were all the rage. Must-haves for gentlemen include: geek chic rounds, revamped aviators and classical Ray-Ban Clubmasters; delicate metal constructions in copper, pewter and gold; as well as clip-on lenses and funky browlines. Updated color blocking, tinted and mirrored lenses, latticework details and leopard prints provide the perfect blend of antique and modern.

Wild & Whimsical
This season, it's all about making a statement with bold shapes, such as hearts, futuristic rounds, extravagant cat-eyes and hybrid aviators, not to mention vivacious color, from electric violet to blood orange and neon blue. Men’s styles are embracing daring embellishment more than ever with animalistic prints, iridescent lenses, rubber and denim materials, and splatter motifs. Feminine frames mix sweet and frilly with industrial elements for a surprising contrast.

Optics Unlimited eyewear stores are located adjacent to all locations of The Eye Clinic in Lake Charles, Sulphur, DeRidder, Jennings and Moss Bluff.

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