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Men, It is Time to Step Up Your Hair Game A Step by Step Guide to This Years Hottest Styles
12/18/2015 10:28:37 AM


Recent Google data shows that 2015 marks the first time in the search engine’s history that searches for men’s hairstyles have outpaced searches for women’s styles.

And hairdressers from around the country are confirming that more men than ever before are coming in wanting to emulate the cool hairstyles they see on trendy celebrities.

"I have seen first-hand men being more interested in having a style and really wanting to be educated on how they themselves can sport these big city looks,” says Lensi White, master stylist and network educator at Signatures Salon in Lake Charles.

According to White, there are a few main styles men are rocking from L.A. to NYC, and the good news is, these styles are easily obtainable for most men.

Man Bun

For the last few years, Jared Leto has been more recognizable for his signature bun than his Oscar-winning turn in The Dallas Buyers Club. He’s started a style revolution as men around the country have grown out their manes and twisted them into loose buns at the base of their necks. The end result is surprisingly masculine, especially when paired with a power-beard, according to White.

"Either a 5'oclock shadow or groomed beard looks really nice with this look,” White says.


The pompadour isn’t just for your grandpa anymore. Everyone from male models to rock stars have been sporting the short-on-the-sides-tall-on-top look for the last year or so. White says it works for anyone, if you can find the right product for your hair. In fact, a pompadour can be styled different ways just by using different hair products.

"You can dress it up with a wax, like Bumble and Bumble SumoTec,” White says. "Or wear look more tousled and natural with Bumbles Don't Blow It.”


Both the man bun and the pompadour are made even more on-trend with the addition of an undercut, which means shaving hair along the sides and leaving it long on top. You can also get creative with your buzz cut.

"Whether you want a hard part razored in, a clean fade, or just a heavier weight line, we can do it,” White says. "The options are endless!”

The most important part of choosing a trendy new look, White says, is to make sure you partner with a stylist who can give you some good ideas about your hair type and recommend products that will keep your style in place. Don’t go it alone!

"My advice is run, don’t walk, into a true professionals chair and consult with them to come up with your own personal style,” White says. "If you sit in chair and they immediately start cutting without consulting-again, run. A true professional will ask and talk you through every part of a new do.”

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