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Prevent Your Makeup from Melting
6/15/2016 3:35:04 PM


Ever looked in the mirror after a day of summer fun to find your makeup melted like a crayon left in a hot car? You’re not alone. Sticky summer days mean a face full of runny foundation and smeared mascara for many women. But just because the weather heats up doesn’t mean you have to leave your cosmetics in the drawer. Here are a few tips for "summer proofing” your makeup routine.


Many people think that when shorts come out and dry winter skin goes away, they should put away the exfoliator, but actually the opposite is true. Sweat, humidity, and sunscreen can cause buildup in pores which can cause makeup to look uneven and patchy. Try a gentle exfoliator or even a Clarisonic brush at least twice a week to keep skin soft and smooth.

Stay Primed

A good makeup primer is important all year around, but that’s double true in the summer months, when sweat causes makeup to get a little slippery. Shine controlling, mattifying primers will soak up oil and sweat, giving you a clean slate to cover and correct with foundation. Eye primers applied to both the eyelid and the thin skin underneath keep mascara in place, and picking an eye primer with anit-aging properties will also keep concealer and shadow from pooling in those little laugh lines even in the brightest sunlight.

Lighten Up

No matter how much sunscreen we use, skin naturally darkens when the sun comes out, so the perfect shade in winter often looks ashy in the summer. Plus, thick liquid foundation doesn’t normally stand up to heat, often dripping and shifting in the sun. In the summer, try an ultra light tinted moisturizer with SPF or even a color correcting primer with a dab of concealer for spot correction. Top it off with a little bit of bronzer and you’ll have people asking when you found time to vacation in the Bahamas.

Spray Away

Setting spray really doesn’t get enough love, especially not in the summer months when it can be a powerful weapon against smudges.

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