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Rock Gray Hair
4/5/2016 9:17:04 AM

Most women know how to spot a "silver fox,” as it has long been acceptable and stylish for men to go gray. But it hasn’t been the same for women until recently. Gray is no longer just for grannies--it’s in and powerful.

Here are some tips to help you both embrace and rock gray hair

● Go with a modern, shorter haircut with strong edges. Not only will you look sharp, but it will minimize the transition if you decide to stop dyeing cold turkey.

● Interested in a gradual transition? Consult with a colorist to have toners and highlights woven in with your usual hair color.

● Gray hair tends to be frizzier, so consider using a flat iron to make your hair silkier and shinier

● Use high-quality hair products to maintain a fresh and stylish tone. Shampoo with a blue base can prevent your grays from developing a yellowish cast. Speak with your stylish on the best products to use for your individual hair needs.

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