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Rock the Summer Ponytail
6/15/2016 3:31:53 PM


When the temps shoot toward triple digits, most of us find ourselves reaching for hair elastics rather than fooling with hot styling tools that will make our hair look cute for about as long as it takes to walk to the car and have the humidity wreck all our hard work. But the good news is, ponytails don’t have to look like an afterthought. Here are a few tips for having a perfect ponytail no matter how long the mane.

Get Dirty

You read right. Ponytails look best when hair is a day or two dirty. Freshly washed and dried hair has a tendency to slip out of bobby pins and refuse to hold hair product, meaning your ponytail could look like a flop if it’s the first day you’ve washed. If you’re feeling a little too greasy, spray dry shampoo on your roots. Bonus: dry shampoo adds volume!

Be a Tease

Most ponytails look better with a little bit of height, so whether you’re wearing a sky-high topknot or gathering your hair at the nape of your neck, raise the hair at your crown and spritz on a bit of volumizer or hairspray and then lightly backcomb until your hair has some oomf.

Tie it in Knots

A messy topknot can make jeans and a tee shirt look totally put together on a lazy summer afternoon. Use your fingers to pile medium to long hair into a messy ponytail right at the top of your head then secure an elastic around the hair. Take half the ponytail and twist it counterclockwise around the elastic, using bobby pins to secure the hair. Twist the second half of the ponytail in the opposite direction, using a few more pins to secure. Finish with a spritz of hairspray. Voila! A "messy” bun that stays put all day.

Sophisticated Low Pony

If you’re going for a sleeker, chicer look, a low ponytail can look completely classy any time of day. After teasing the crown, make a deep side part with a comb. Use a natural bristled brush to smooth hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck and secure with an elastic. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around to hide the elastic and secure underneath with a bobby pin. Smooth stray hairs with a pea-sized amount of pomade.

Scarfed Up

If you’re really trying to stretch your time between washings, couple your messy bun or high ponytail with a cool tied scarf. Just take any lightweight scarf long enough to wrap around your head twice and fold it in half lengthwise. Center the scarf midway between your crown and forehead (about the place bangs would start to come forward) and wrap the scarf around, tying a knot at the center of your head. Take loose ends and tuck them in the back. This is also a great look for short haired girls sporting summertime pigtails, since it keeps all those pesky stray hairs in check.

Don’t let anyone tell you ponytails look sloppy. This summer flaunt your hot ponytail proudly!

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