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Scent Sense: What Does Your Fragrance Say about Your Personality?
5/6/2013 11:23:42 AM

Here are some ways that scents reflect your personality:

· Floral scents tend to reflect femininity and romance. In particular, freesia and jasmine are scents chosen by dreamers who are idealistic.

· Happy, enthusiastic people lean towards floral scents mixed with a little fruitiness. Apple, peach, and blackcurrant are favorite scents of spontaneous people who like to have fun. These people thrive on change and motion.

· Earthy, powdery scents are the favorite of more bohemian types. Powdery-Aldehydic notes reflect an artistic spirit: someone who is independent and a little unconventional.

· Green scents, like hyacinth, are a favorite among adventurers and those who like to be outdoors. These people have characteristics like willingness to accept risk and the ability to make strong commitments. They also like to be active and take initiative.

· Patchouli, sandalwood and lavender are all chypre scents, which are a favorite among practical types. These people are sensible and down to earth and approach life without any nonsense. They can also be professional and self-assured.

· Amber and vanilla are considered Oriental scents that are warm, sweet, and spicy. Intense and sensitive people enjoy these scents. They are introspective and reject superficiality. They often have intense relationships, but are happy in their own company.

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