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What time is it? Time for you to get a watch
3/7/2016 10:30:50 AM

A fine watch makes the man or woman. It’s a definitive accessory that allows you to express who you are and make a statement in this digital era. However, with so many choices how do you find the one that ticks with your lifestyle?

Joe Tenenbaum, Touch of Modern's Senior Watch and Luxury Buyer; Syed Sohail of, who works with major brands, including Swatch, and Reyne Hirsch, who has also worked with Tiffany & Co., provided tips on how to find and maintain the perfect watch for the best value.

● Always buy from a reputable source that guarantees authenticity, Tenenbaum suggests. "There are many bad fakes and good replicas in the market,” he says.

● Buy a watch that you can wear with any attire. Usually this means choosing a sport model for your initial wrist purchase. If you want something to go with a specific outfit, begin with inexpensive fashion watches.

● Sohail recommends starting out by selecting the case and band. Most typically stick to stainless steel cases and leather bands, but today there are so many different options. Recent trends include lightweight. Find one that speaks to you.

● Watches should always be worn on the opposite of your dominant hand (left hand if you're right handed/right hand if you're left handed). This prevents extra weight on your dominant hand, and protects your watch from wear and tear, Sohail adds.

● "Make sure your watch is sized properly,” Hirsch advises. "Meaning it’s not too tight or too loose. Too tight can cause your wrist to sweat, and corrode and/or wear the leather or skin the band is made of. Too loose and the top heavy ‘case’ of the watch will roll and potentially scratch/dent the case by hitting counter tops/desktops.”

● Make it your own. You have your own sense of style with clothing. Your accessories should reflect the same, Hirsch says. If you’re athletic, perhaps a chronograph to help you keep track of your workouts. If you tend to be a little on the funky size, perhaps something mid-century modern (1950s-60s) in design with an asymmetrical dial. If your job is a little more formal, than a "dressy" watch, which means a thinner case with streamlined band.

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