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  • January Issue

    Resolution Roundup

    INSERT: 2020 Calendar
    INSERT: Bride Guide by L Bridal Couture
    Riding the Waves – Understanding the Stock Market
    Ups and Downs of Weight Loss
    Plan Your Dream Vacation

    On Stands: January 3
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: December 13
    Camera Ready Deadline: December 17

  • February Issue

    A Food Lover’s Guide to SWLA

    INSERT: 2020 Home & Garden Show
    INSERT: 2020 Banners Preview
    Mardi Gras Preview
    Heart Talk
    Dental Health for Any Age

    On Stands: February 4
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: January 13
    Camera Ready Deadline: January 15

  • March Issue

    Economic Update

    Spring Style Guide
    Dig Up Some Dirt: Lawn and Garden Care
    Spring Festival Guide

    On Stands: March 2
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: February 14
    Camera Ready Deadline: February 19

  • April Issue

    13 Thriving 30-Somethings

    Home Sweet Home: A Real Estate Guide
    Road Ready – A Car Traveler’s Handbook
    Make a Splash this Summer – Pool Guide

    On Stands: April 3
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: March 20
    Camera Ready Deadline: March 24

  • May Issue

    Sail into Summer – Your Guide to Summer Fun!

    Women’s Wellness
    Get Out & Play!
    College Prep 101

    On Stands: May 4
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: April 17
    Camera Ready Deadline: April 21

  • June Issue

    Hurricane Preparedness

    Men’s Health
    SWLA Live Music & Nightlife Guide
    Take Back Your Yard – Outdoor Living

    On Stands: June 2
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: May 15
    Camera Ready Deadline: May 20

  • July Issue

    Back-to-School Tools

    On The Case: You & The Law
    Louisiana Plantation Trail
    Family Fun Guide

    On Stands: July 6
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: June 19
    Camera Ready Deadline: June 23


    Stand Alone Issue

  • August Issue

    Babies – From Bump to Bundle

    Football Gold
    Education Super Heroes
    Tee Time – Celebrating National Golf Month

    On Stands: August 7
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: July 24
    Camera Ready Deadline: July 29

  • September Issue

    Culture in Southwest Louisiana

    INSERT: Women’s Commission Fall Conference
    Rouge et Blanc Guide
    Homecoming Headquarters
    Pet Lovers Issue

    On Stands: September 3
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: August 14
    Camera Ready Deadline: August 19

  • October Issue

    Finding Fall in Bayou Country

    Financial Strategies for any Age
    Trick or Treat Halloween Guide
    Flu Forecast

    On Stands: October 2
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: September 18
    Camera Ready Deadline: September 23

  • November Issue

    Leading Ladies in Business

    A Caregiver’s Guide – Alzheimer’s and Diabetes Awareness
    Veteran’s Day – A Salute to the Men and Women who Serve
    Holiday Happenings

    On Stands: November 2
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: October 16
    Camera Ready Deadline: October 21

  • December Issue

    Shop Local – Your Ultimate SWLA Gift Guide

    The Banking Industry – Why Shift to a Local Institution
    Good Samaritans of SWLA
    2021 Celebration Planner

    On Stands: December 3
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: November 17
    Camera Ready Deadline: November 20

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