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  • January Issue

    Healthcare 2021

    Latest in Fitness Trends
    Tech Trends in a COVID World
    Navigating Your Home Insurance Policy After a Crisis

    On Stands: January 4
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: December 16
    Camera Ready Deadline: December 18

  • February Issue

    Eat Local Guide

    Keeping the Beat: American Heart Month
    Plan Your Dream Vacation
    Healthy Teeth for Life

    On Stands: February 3
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: January 20
    Camera Ready Deadline: January 22

  • March Issue

    Economic Update

    Take Back Your Yard: Outdoor Living
    College Prep 101
    SWLA Spring Style Guide

    On Stands: March 2
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: February 17
    Camera Ready Deadline: February 19

  • April Issue

    13 Thriving 30-Somethings

    Get Out & Play!
    Network for Success in SWLA
    What Will You Learn This Year?

    On Stands: April 2
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: March 19
    Camera Ready Deadline: March 23

  • May Issue

    Eye on the Tropics: 2021 Hurricane Guide

    Women’s Wellness
    Keep an Eye on Your Vision
    Car & Driver Guide

    On Stands: May 3
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: April 19
    Camera Ready Deadline: April 21

  • June Issue

    Summer Guide 2021

    Men’s Health
    Louisiana Vacation Ideas
    SWLA’s Nightlife Guide

    On Stands: June 3
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: May 19
    Camera Ready Deadline: May 21

  • July Issue

    Back-to-School Guide

    On the Home Front: Real Estate Update
    Secrets to Aging Well
    Louisiana Plantation Trail

    On Stands: July 5
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: June 21
    Camera Ready Deadline: June 23

  • August Issue

    Arts & Culture in the Lake Area

    Industry 411
    Football Gold
    Education Superheroes

    On Stands: August 7
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: July 26
    Camera Ready Deadline: July 28

  • September Issue

    Investments 101: Your Guide to Local Advisory Firms

    INSERT: Women’s Commission Fall Conference
    Life in a Sportsman’s Paradise
    Finding Fall in Bayou Country
    Homecoming Headquarters

    On Stands: September 2
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: August 17
    Camera Ready Deadline: August 19

  • October Issue

    Leading Ladies in Business

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    Home Improvement Guide
    Insurance FYI

    On Stands: October 4
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: September 20
    Camera Ready Deadline: September 22

  • November Issue

    Business Blueprint

    Holiday Happenings
    Stay Healthy Over the Holidays
    It’s a Matter of Faith

    On Stands: November 2
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: October 19
    Camera Ready Deadline: October 21

  • December Issue

    2022 Event Planner

    Good Samaritans of SWLA
    Local Gift Guide A to Z
    Your 2021 Tax Reveiew

    On Stands: December 3
    Ad Placement & Editorial Deadline: November 17
    Camera Ready Deadline: November 19



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