February 2023

Good Tips for Red Lips

by Kerry Andersen Fashion editors everywhere will tell you that a bright red lip is the ultimate iconic beauty look. The pop of red will brighten your face instantly, and add a polished finishing touch to any outfit, plus it screams sophistication and confidence. Red is also the color of […]
February 2023

Rockin’ Red Hair

by Kerry Andersen Fiery. Feisty. Temperamental. Sexy. These are just some of the ways redheads are often described. It’s certainly not the best beauty choice for those who shy away from attention and don’t like to stand out. Kylie Guillory is a stylist at Signatures Salon in Lake Charles and […]
February 2023

The Season of Love: Valentine’s Day

How do you plan on spending Valentine’s Day this year? Dining out is a popular date option for Valentine’s Day. And what better part of the country to live in than Southwest Louisiana for an abundance of restaurant options! What about Valentine’s Day gift giving? In this special Valentine’s Day […]
February 2023

First Person with Katie Harrington

Public Information Officer, City of Lake Charles  by Angie Kay Dilmore Growing up in Lake Charles, Katie Harrington loved to read, play outside with her dogs, and spend time with her family, often at baseball fields where her brother played and her dad coached. During Mardi Gras seasons, she recalls […]
February 2023

Revelry & Mayhem; 2023 MARDI GRAS GUIDE

It’s Mardi Gras season – Louisiana’s most celebrated time of year! This year’s Guide provides all the information you need to know, from the history of rural Mardi Gras traditions and what to wear to a ball, to where to find the parties and parades. We’ve also included a First […]
February 2023

Black History Month

Each February, our country celebrates Black History Month as a way to recognize and honor the accomplishments and positive contributions of Black Americans to our nation and our communities. In this year’s special Black History Month section, Thrive shares a bit of Civil Rights history through six landmark Supreme Court […]
February 2023

Mid-City Neighborhood Transformation: Just Imagine SWLA Catalytic Project

Beginning in 2021, the Community Foundation SWLA facilitated the Just Imagine SWLA 50-year resilience master plan which includes 10 catalytic projects. Each project originated with ideas gathered through public meetings and input by residents of Southwest Louisiana. One of the main obstacles that reemerged throughout the process was the lack of affordable […]
February 2023

Are you… Living Beyond your Means?

by Kristy Como Armand With worries about the economy at the forefront of everyone’s concerns, many are taking a closer look at the state of their personal finances.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, many people in America are living beyond their means, and personal savings rates are […]
February 2023

Inferior Superiors: Dealing with a Bad Boss

by Kristy Como Armand Do you dread going to work in the morning, not because of the work, but because you’re not sure you can deal with your boss one more day?  Bad bosses – whether bullies, control freaks, micro-managers or bumbling idiots – can be found in all organizations. […]
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